Wilmot Sandwiches & Wraps

Wilmot Sandwiches & Wraps


Choose from:

White or malt bloomer bread, French bread or a wrap (Wrap extra £0.70).


Choose from:

Cheddar cheese £1.90


Cheddar cheese and onion £2.10


Cheddar cheese & Branston pickle £2.10


Tuna mayonnaise £2.80


Tuna mayo and sweet corn £3.00


Prawn and marie rose sauce £3.00


Honey roast ham

(add cheese £0.35)£2.75


Honey roast ham and salad £2.95


Lincolnshire sausage £2.30


Bacon £2.30


Extra Toppings Each:£0.55

Free range egg, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, bacon, sausage or black pudding.


Wilmot Club Sandwich £5.90

3 Slices of toasted bloomer bread, with chicken, bacon, mayo, tomato and lettuce. Served with a small salad garnish and a few fries.


Wilmot Mouth-Watering Wraps

All wrapped with fine mixed salad & mayo and accompanied with fries or sweet potato fries.


Cajun Chicken £5.80


Chicken Tikka £5.80


Battered Chicken Tikka £6.10


Steak £6.40


Steak and Onion £6.50


Steak strips marinated £6.90


Chicken and Bacon £6.20


WFC House Chicken £6.00